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AI based medical imaging platform

Simplified AI for smart hospitals



AI tools for brain imaging

Detection and classification of Brain Tumours

Automated segmentation of tumours

Detection of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)


Fast and Accurate segmentation of Liver CT

Segmentation of liver using CT scans

Tumour detection and contouring

Volumetric analysis


AI driven analysis for chest XRays

Detection of 15 different conditions

Automated localization

Automated report generation

About Radwiz

Radwiz from Biocliq is an Easy-to-use image processing platform that simplifies Technology and democratizes the adoption of AI in hospitals for medical image processing. The platform allows the users to run the latest AI algorithms in minutes without worrying about the underlying technology.

Cloud or On-premise: Radwiz can run on any cloud. Using Biocliq’s patented PHI anonymization and secure image transport solution, you can easily and safely send the images to the cloud and get it processed in minutes at a very low cost. In cases where the volumes are high , Radwiz can run on-premise on a dedicated server

One Platform, Many Solutions : Hospitals can process images from multiple scanners at the same time, choosing different sets of algorithms as required for each scan. Radwiz’s built in intelligent scheduler can prioritize the jobs based on urgency of the case. The user can monitor the progress using a user- friendly dashboard.

Out of the box algorithms : Radwiz comes with a set of robust algorithms for Brain Tumour (Glioma) Segmentation, Prostate Segmentation, Chest X-Ray diagnosis, Liver segmentation and Spleen segmentation. They can be further fine-tuned for each hospital and deployed easily.

Easily integrate with existing systems: Radwiz readily integrates with most of the industry PACS systems and viewing stations.

Radwiz Deployment

Our Team

Biocliq is founded by people passionate about making a difference in healthcare through technology. At Biocliq we believe in simplifying and demystifying AI and democratize it to be pervasive across health care applications.

B Rengarajan

A technology evangelist with over two decades of leadership experience holding global positions in reputed organizations. Committed to giving back to the community.

N Ravichandar

An IT Business Leader with 28+ years of rich experience across Technology Consulting, Solution and Services Sales with over 15 Years of experience in Leadership Positions in Global majors .