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Why Biocliq?

Precise Decisions

Our solutions are developed using top notch algorithms which are backed by deep data science research and trained on volumes of data. Our solutions provide specific and accurate analysis with actionable insights that leads to error-free decision making by clinicians.

Interactive Reports,
Informative Diagnosis

Our solutions provide detailed reports with quantitative analysis and 3D visualization for diagnosis and treatment. They help bridge the information gap regarding the patient’s condition between the patient and clinician and build the patient’s confidence in the proposed treatment.

Streamlined Workflows,
Reduced Reporting Time

With easy integration into clinical workflows through PACS, RIS and EMR, Our solutions automatically capture the study of interest and expedite report generation 70% faster as compared to that of traditional methods. With a simple and adaptable UI, our solutions become a seamless part of the clinical workflow.

Designed to empower KUB focused clinicians to deliver quality results and better treatment


User-Friendly Dashboard.
Prioritized Work list.
Automated Image Interpretation.
3D Visualization.
Cloud or On-Premise.
Customizable and Adaptable.
Browser-based interactive Report.


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